Frequently Asked Questions

What are circle lenses?

Circle lenses are the new fashion trend in Japan, Korea and Taiwan to make ones eyes appear larger. People do not only want to change the color of their eyes, but they want to be noticed. One way they do this is by wearing circle lenses. There is currently no other way to make a person's eye appear larger other than wearing circle contact lenses.

What is the difference between circle lenses and normal color lenses?

The main difference between circle lenses and normal color contact lenses is circle lenses will make the eye appear larger. The size is around the same (14.0mm), however, because circle lenses not only cover the iris of the eye, but also the outer extra-wide rim of the lens, it makes the iris of the eye appear larger. With normal color lenses, this tinted area is transparent (no color tint), thereby, only allows the tint to cover the iris of the eye. [Read More..]

Are circle lenses right for me?

Circle lenses are not for everyone. Circle lenses are for people who want their eyes to look bigger and more beautiful than ordinary color contact lenses. If you do not want to make your eyes appear larger, or would just like an ordinary color change in your eyes, maybe normal color lenses are more suitable for you.

What forms of payment do you accept?

You can pay using credit card or Paypal online. If you wish to pay using another payment method such as Western Union, T/T, bank transfer, money order, check, or concealed cash, please contact us with your order details including: Your name, the lenses you plan on ordering, and your payment method.

Do you offer lenses with prescription?

Prescription lenses are now available [Click Here to view all lenses with prescription]. We are continually updating our prescription lenses to include a wider selection. You can view all our prescription lenses here. We recommend you get a prescription from your eye doctor so you will know the exact power of lens to choose before ordering.

Are circle lenses safe?

Yes, circle lenses are completely safe but just as with any other contact lens, they must be treated with care. However, you do not need to be worried because we include an Instructions For Use with every circle lens ordered from our site. Please follow the instructions carefully and you will do fine. We care for the safety of your eyes, which is why all of our lenses come with a Geo Medical Co., Inc. authenticity seal which can be verified directly from the official Geo Medical Co., Inc. website. All lenses are also compliant with CE 0434, ISO 13485 and KFDA standards.

I feel so overwhelmed by your large selection of colors and designs. Please help me!

Find the right color and design for your specific eye type can be quite overwhelming, especially when there are so many to choose from. We tried to narrow down the colors and styles for you to make it easier to choose based on your specific skin tone and color of your makeup. There is a unique color and design for every eye type so take your time and choose carefully. [Click Here To View Article On "Choosing The Right Color For Your Eyes]

I ordered a week ago, where is my order?

All orders are shipped next business day and take approximately  5-8 business days for orders placed in Canada and USA and approximately 7-10 business days for international orders. Your order will arrive, so please be patient, sometimes there are delays in customs when clearing the lenses.

I just received my lenses, what do I do next?

Soak your lenses in multi-purpose contact lens solution for 6-8 hours. Read the proper instructions of use included with every pair of lenses before wearing your circle lenses.

I love this site, can I write a review for you guys or link to your site?

Of course! We love customers who link to us or make video reviews for our lenses. We thank all of you for your support!

Will you add other brands to your product line?

We want to expand our product selection but we must do so by also maintaining the safety of your eyes. There are many fake circle lenses being distributed, and Geo Medical Co., Inc. is the only circle lens company which offers a authentication process for their lenses [Read more on Geo Medical Co., Inc.'s authenticity seal]. If you come across a brand which has recently introduced an authentication process to their lenses, please contact us, and we will consider adding them to our selection.

I would like to change or refund my order, what do I do?

Please send your order # here and we will give you proper instructions on where to send your package.

We thank you for all your support! If there are any other questions we have no answered here, please do not hesitate to contact us. We wish you all a Happy Holiday!
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