The Difference Between Normal Lenses And Circle Lenses

The main difference between circle lenses and normal color lenses is circle lenses will make the eye appear larger. The size is around the same (14.0mm), however, because circle lenses not only cover the iris of the eye, but also the outer extra-wide rim of the lens, it makes the iris of the eye appear larger. With normal color lenses, this tinted area is transparent (no color tint), thereby, only allows the tint to cover the iris of the eye. Here is a simple diagram to help explain:
There are also pros and cons when comparing circle lenses with normal color lenses. We weigh the pros and cons of each to help you decide which lens is right for you.
Circle Lenses


- Makes your eyes appear larger.
- More styles and designs.
- Color change blends in with natural look of the eye.
- Yearly usage available at a low cost.
- Inexpensive.
-Comfortable on eyes (easily conforms to shape of eyes because they are soft contact lenses).

- Only available with a yearly usage.
- Can only be worn 6-8 hours each day.
- Rarely found in retail stores. Only a few authorized dealers online.
Normal Color Lenses


- More natural look.
- Available in daily, monthly and yearly prescription.
Extended wear contact lenses can be worn for the entire day.
- Widely available in retail stores and online.

- Does not make your eyes appear larger (only a color change).
- Limited number of styles.
- Color change is not as effective (most color lenses are enhancement tints, therefore, color is highly translucent).
- More expensive when compared to the price of a yearly usage circle lens.
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