Choosing The Right Color For Your Eyes

If you want your eyes to be noticed, or if you are bold, dramatic and confident to be the center of attention, you might want to choose a color that everyone notices immediately. For instance:

-You should match skin, hair, or natural eye colors that have blue-red undertones, with warmer colors such as brown.
-You should choose brighter colors if you have dark-toned skin.
-You should choose colors that stand out from your makeup.
-You should choose colors such as violet, green or blue if you have a natural brown eye color.

If you don't want to be the center of attention, or if you are shy, conservative or just want a natural look, you will probably want to choose an eye color that creates just a subtle change in your look, so people can tell there is a difference, but will not be able to tell why. For instance:

-You should choose warmer colors such as hazel to match with your makeup or natural eye color, such as brown.
-A great way to create just a subtle change in eye color is using enhancement tints. Enhancement tints define the edges of your iris but will not change your eye color completely. See our Angel Series, World Series and Twin Series for these.
-If your natural eye color is blue, you might want to use grey or green contact lenses to change the color of your eyes.

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