Geo Medical Co., Inc.'s Authenticity Seal

One commonly asked question is why we don't carry other brands of circle lenses. The answer is simple. We care for your eyes and will take all precautions necessary to ensure the safety of your eyes. Geo Medical Co., Inc. has created authenticity seals on every lens bottle verifying every lens is authentic. The seal can only be authenticated at Geo Medical Co., Inc.'s offical seal validator at
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If you have previously bought lenses telling you to authenticate your seal elsewhere, most likely they are fake. Fake lenses are not only made of low quality materials not compliant with health and safety standards, but are also hazardous to your eyes and can even lead to blindness. When it comes to ordering online, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Did you know there are even fake Geo seals?

Here is a picture of a fake Geo authenticity seal telling you to authenticate your lenses at
All circle lenses ordered from have Geo Medical Co., Inc.'s official authenticity seal. Here is how the real seal should look like:
Not only are there fake Geo circle lenses, but other brands as well. Other brands of circle lenses such as EOS, Neo, Dueba, G&G, etc. have not yet adopted the same authentication process for their lenses as Geo, so there is no way of telling whether you are wearing the real thing or not. As these other companies develop better ways of authenticating their lenses, we will be adding new brands to our selection.

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